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Big Band Felixe Slováčka
The Big Band can prepare the following for you:

Gala Show - a music program to listen or dance to, suitable for festive occasions (company parties of all kinds, presentations etc.). At the organizers wish, any interpreters or choirs can be invited to participate. The vocal quartet Prestissimo can perform together with the Big Band. The Big Band will also be happy to prepare a "turnkey program" and arrange the organizing of the whole evening.

Grand balls - a music program for dancing. At the organizer's wish, any music interpreters can be invited to participate.

Glen Miller Lives Again - a jazz concert created in remembrance of the legendary American Glenn Miller Orchestra (approx. 90 minutes)

An Evening of Swing - a concert in the swing style (about 90 minutes)

Christmas Concerts - Christmas music to evoke a pleasant pre-holiday atmosphere

The Swing Band will accompany

any company party, presentation and other gala evening with music in the style of swing - to listen and dance to. In view of the number of musicians and the instruments involved (6 players - wind instruments, contra-bass, percussion and piano), the band is suitable also for smaller events, indoors or out (garden parties, outdoor presentations, etc.), and without the need of any technical facilities.

Due virtuosi di Praga

duo composed Felix Slováček (clarinet, saxophone) and Boris Krajny (piano).
More information can be found here (PPS, 460kB)

Strauss Orchestra Prague

orchestra repertoire is very wide - from classics genre to modern compositions film and jazz type. More information can be found here.