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Big Band Felixe Slováčka
The Felix Slováček Big Band is one of the Czech orchestras renown in the area of jazz and dance music. The Big Band consists of 17 players in the classical big-band set-up (4 trumpets, 4 trombones, 5 saxophones, guitar, bass-guitar, percussion, and piano). Felix Slováček has been at the head of this orchestra as chief conductor since 1983.

The history of this Big Band reaches back to the sixties - the founder and the first artistic manager of what was then the Czechoslovak Radio Dance and Jazz Orchestra was Karel Krautgartner, the Czech jazz musician and composer of high excellence. Josef Vobruba and Vladmír Popelka eventually replaced him. Under their leadership, the orchestra created musical projects featuring the top Czech interpreters of popular music. It was primarily the music arranger, composer and conductor Kamil Hála, who created the band's jazz profile.

Several outstanding personalities have played in the Big Band down the years. Their names have become part of the very history of Czech jazz, and they brought fame to Czech jazz abroad as well : contra-bass player and famous jazzman Luděk Hulan, trumpet players Richard Kubernát, Václav Král and Laco Déczi, saxophone players Milan Ulrich, Miroslav Krýsl, Petr Král and Jan Konopásek, trombone players Ladislav Pikart and Pavel Vitoch and many others. The well-know pianist, composer and music arranger Karel Růžička also participated in Big Band projects for many years. Particularly in the area of jazz did the Big Band collaborate with famous soloists from abroad - trombone player Sonny Costanz, the well-known multi-instrumentalist and composer Darryl Kennedy, clarinet player Tony Scott, trumpet players Greg Hopkins and Benny Bailey, tenor-saxophone player Don Menz and Giano Basse, and others. Numerous Czech and foreign composers realized their jazz projects in cooperation with the Big Band.

Also in present days do we see top players among the members of the Big Band, who also regularly perform as soloists at jazz concerts (tenor-saxophone player Bedřich Šmerda, trombone player Svatopluk Košvanec and others). Moreover, many of them are graduates from the prestigious jazz school Berkley College of Music. In addition to studio work, the Big Band performs at concerts, gala evenings and balls, always with leading singers of the Czech and foreign music scene (Karel Gott, Helena Vondráčková, Petra Janů, Lucie Bílá, James W. Pulley, Shirley Basey, Dagmar Frederik, Drupi and others). As a jazz orchestra, the big Band regularly participates at international jazz festivals.

The Big Band's wide repertoire includes classical jazz, swing and dance music - from pop to rock, right up to the melodies from musicals.