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Big Band Felixe Slováčka
Should you wish to know more about the Big Band, please contact:

Production, Alena Kupecka
Cell phone: +420 724 298 892
Manager for Germany, Lothar Kluge
Phone: +49 06474 88 27 98
Phone / : +49 06474 88 27 82
Website: www.event-agentur-pck.de

They will be happy to send you a price offer on request, for the individual performances.

Music Model Trust spol. s r.o.
Vla˜imsk˜ 10
101 00   Praha 10
Czech Republic


Working hours - office
v MO-TH 9:00 - 15:00

GPS: 50˜4'28.868"N, 14˜27'53.254"E

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