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Big Band Felixe Slováčka

Lovers of big band to get Felixír!

Theater U Hasičů becomes stage regular concerts, Big Band Slováček Felix and his guests. The concert cycle called „Felixír“ sound world famous songs and popular standards, not only swing era. The main protagonists cycle will Jitka Zelenková and Felix Slováček jr.

Felix Slováček its Felixírem in the capital to restore the tradition of regular big band concerts, the repertoire in recent years (especially abroad) is experiencing its great return. Jitka Zelenková the singer adds: „I am thrilled concert Felixír project, which finally will allow listeners to enjoy life all the beautiful music in its full strength of large orchestra. It is a matter that is missing here, while the great tradition. Besides the attractive and high quality standards swing songs want each month to prepare something new, what would the audience surprised and pleased at the same time.“

Instrumentalist Felix Slováček recently issued for the balance Supraphon 2CD entitled „Made in Czech Slováček“ and Jitka Zelenková now celebrating the success of a concert with the implementation of its latest album „Under the skin“.

Divadlo U Hasičů, Římská 45, Praha 2, Czech Republic



This represents an annual 2CD Felix Slováček as a performer of music based on world and domestic hit pop, but also traditional songs, film melodies, musicals or less serious "serious" music. Total about 150 minutes of music, two and a half hours of memories, over nearly fifty famous tunes in filing Felix Slováček.
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